What Are the Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

What Are the Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

During early pregnancy, some women experience symptoms that might indicate a pregnancy. However, not every woman will experience every symptom; some women might not feel any symptoms of pregnancy. This is why the only surefire way to know if you’re pregnant is by taking a pregnancy test and following up with an ultrasound.

If you think you might be pregnant, read on to learn the most common early pregnancy symptoms. Or, if you’re looking for a free pregnancy test, Relate Care can help! Contact us today to schedule a free, confidential appointment. 

Top Early Pregnancy Symptoms

If you’ve recently had unprotected sex or your birth control failed, you’re likely looking for any new symptoms in your body that could indicate pregnancy. While only a pregnancy test and a follow-up ultrasound can confirm your pregnancy, the following symptoms can be an early indicator that you may be pregnant.

Missed Menstrual Period

If you missed your period this month, pregnancy could be to blame. A missed menstrual period can be one of the first signs of pregnancy. This is because, at the moment of conception (when the sperm meets the egg), your body’s hormones signal your period to stop so that your uterine lining will remain a thick, hospitable place for the embryo to attach. 

Tender, Swollen Breasts

The same hormones that alert your body to stop menstruating can make your breasts feel swollen and tender. If you notice that your bra is fitting tighter or your breasts are more sensitive than usual, this could indicate pregnancy. 

Nausea With or Without Vomiting

You might be pregnant if you’ve been feeling nauseous throughout the day or have been vomiting without a reason. 

Increased Urination

When you’re pregnant, your blood volume increases, which makes your kidneys work harder to filter your blood. This causes increased urination. You might be pregnant if you run to the bathroom more frequently. 


Early pregnancy can also cause feelings of tiredness and fatigue. Pregnancy might be the culprit if you’re experiencing these symptoms without a known cause—especially if other pregnancy symptoms accompany your fatigue.

Next Steps

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, taking a pregnancy test and receiving a follow-up ultrasound is essential—as these are the only ways to confirm whether you’re pregnant. At Relate Care Clinic, we offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and other pregnancy resources. Contact us today to be connected with one of our caring team members. You’re not alone in this. We’re here for you.

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