For some women, parenting isn’t an option, but abortion doesn’t feel right either. For women who want to give their child the opportunity to live in and be a part of a loving family even when they themselves cannot provide it, adoption is worth considering.

Adoption requires sacrifice, but it is also filled with love and joy. 

It’s ok if you are not ready to parent. Modern adoption allows you to choose an adoption plan that meets your needs. It’s your decision.

Open Adoption

The birth mother can choose the adoptive parents she would like to raise her child. She can even meet them before birth to make sure they are the right choice. Together, the adoptive family and the birth mother can create a plan for communication and visitation that works for everyone involved. Some families may choose visits on a regular basis, while others may prefer to just check in with each other with text updates. Open adoption is very versatile and allows a birth mother to be involved in the life of her child as they grow.

Semi-Open Adoption

Some birth mothers may want to receive updates about their child as they grow, but they feel a need to keep their identifying information confidential. In these cases, a birth mother will choose a semi-open adoption. All communication with the adoptive family will take place through a third party, usually the adoption agency. The identities of the adoptive family and the birth mother will remain confidential.

Closed Adoption

When a birth mother does not want contact with the adoptive family, she might choose a closed adoption. With this plan, no communication will take place between the parties, and all information will remain confidential and sealed.

Making Your Adoption Decision

If you think adoption might be the right choice for you, we would love the chance to share more information with you. We can also provide referrals to adoption resources.

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