Even for women who plan their pregnancies, the thought of motherhood may be daunting. If you want to consider parenting your child, Relate Care Clinic is here to offer you referrals and resources to help. No woman should feel as if they can’t make the choice to parent because they lack money or support from family and friends.

Considering Parenting?

The decision to parent requires courage and sacrifice but is accompanied by immeasurable joy. Regardless of whether you planned your pregnancy, you likely have many doubts and questions. These concerns are valid and should be addressed before you make a decision about the outcome of your pregnancy. 

Do you wonder:

  • How will I provide for myself and a child financially?
  • Can I still reach my educational or professional goals?
  • What if I don’t know how to care for a child?
  • How will my relationship with my partner be affected?
  • How do I tell my family that I want to parent?

At Relate Care, our nurses will listen to your concerns and help you explore the answers. Weigh this significant decision in a welcoming, no-pressure environment with someone who is familiar with the challenges of parenting and the resources that are available. Ask your Relate Care nurse about available community and state resources that assist parents with food, housing, childcare, and medical expenses. 

Parenting Support

In addition to available community and government programs, Relate Care Clinic also offers direct support to parents. We believe you have what it takes to parent and are here to help you on your path to parenthood by providing material goods like baby clothes, diapers, and diaper wipes and offering parent education so you can feel confident in your ability to raise your child. Learn more about our Baby Boutique and our parent education courses. 

The Relate Care Clinic Difference

The outcome of your pregnancy is your decision, and you have the right to make it without pressure or coercion from anyone. If parenting is an option you would like to learn more about, the information you find at Relate Care will empower you to confidently move forward.

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