How Do I Support My Friend Experiencing an Unexpected Pregnancy?

How Do I Support My Friend Experiencing an Unexpected Pregnancy?

If your friend is experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, she needs your support now more than ever.

While it can be difficult to know how to help your friend, this article outlines some tips for ensuring she feels supported.

Actively Listen

Being an active listener goes beyond just simply hearing what your friend says. Instead, active listening goes a step further and encourages your friend to dig deeper into her thoughts and feelings.

Actively listening to your friend might look like the following:

  • Be free from distractions. Make sure you give your friend your full attention. Turning off the TV and not looking at your phone will help.
  • Provide summary statements. If your friend shares a complicated thought or feeling, summarizing what you think you heard will help her feel understood.
  • Ask follow-up questions. After your friend shares, asking her “why” questions can help her go deeper. For example, if she says that she’s considering one pregnancy choice over another, ask her “why.” This will help her examine what she’s initially feeling.

Help Her Learn All She Can

When facing an unexpected pregnancy, your friend must learn all she can about her pregnancy and options, which include parenting, adoption, or abortion.

You can support her in this effort by helping her schedule a free, confidential appointment at Relate Care Clinic. We offer free Option Consultation appointments, which provide medically accurate information about your friend’s pregnancy options. We also provide free ultrasounds to give your friend critical information about her pregnancy.

Help Her Get What She Needs

No matter how your friend decides to move forward in her pregnancy, she will need to attend appointments and may need medications, vitamins, or specific supplements.

You can support your friend by offering to attend these appointments with her, helping her get the items she needs, and doing household chores for her if she’s feeling tired or sick.

Your Support Matters

Facing an unexpected pregnancy can make your friend feel overwhelmed, but your support will help her know that she’s not alone.

Looking for more strategies to support your friend? Contact Relate Care Clinic to learn more, or encourage your friend to make a free, confidential appointment.

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