What Do I Need to Know if I Am Pregnant in College?

Finding out you’re pregnant while still in college can feel overwhelming. But you’re not alone in this. Many women in your same situation have gone on to successfully complete their education while pregnant, and you can, too.

This article will explore your federally protected rights as a college student who’s pregnant. But if you’re looking for free pregnancy resources or a safe place to explore your options, contact Relate Care Clinic today to schedule a free, confidential appointment.

You Have Rights

Being pregnant while still in college can be difficult. Morning sickness and fatigue can make it difficult to attend classes regularly, not to mention the stress of trying to keep up with homework. But Title IX can help.

Title IX is a Federal civil rights law that “prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex—including pregnancy and parental status—in educational programs and activities.” Title IX also ensures that you are able to receive pregnancy-related accommodations, including:

  • A larger desk, access to the elevator, more bathroom breaks, etc.
  • Excused absences for pregnancy and childbirth (doctor’s appointments, pregnancy-related sickness, etc.)
  • The ability to receive the same academic standing as before you left for your excused absence and the opportunity to make up any missed work

This list isn’t exhaustive, which is why it’s essential to speak with your college counselor as soon as possible to ensure you receive the accommodations you’re entitled to.

Protecting Your Health Is Essential

Being a college student is stressful enough without adding on pregnancy. This is why it’s essential to protect your physical and mental health right now. Utilizing stress-coping strategies and prioritizing healthy food and lifestyle choices can help. Some tips include:

  • Making time each day to get a walk or fresh air (as long as exercise is cleared by your doctor)
  • Trying deep breathing techniques to help clear your mind and calm stress
  • Choosing fresh, minimally processed foods and drinking plenty of water
  • Talking to a counselor or trusted friend about what you’re experiencing

At Relate Care Clinic, we understand what you’re going through and are here for you. We offer free pregnancy resources and services to help you feel supported and encouraged. Contact us today to connect with one of our caring team members.

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