7 Top Pregnancy Symptoms?

Early pregnancy symptoms can vary between women. Keep reading to learn what the 7 top pregnancy symptoms are.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

According to the Mayo Clinic, here are some of the most common symptoms that could point to pregnancy:

1. A missed period: Missing your period is one of many women’s first signs of pregnancy. When a pregnancy implants, it releases hormones to let your body know it needs support. These hormones signal the uterThink you’re experiencing possible pregnancy symptoms? You may feel overwhelmed and scared about pregnancy right now. Before moving forward with any decision, know for sure that you’re pregnant.us to stop shedding its lining, causing you to miss your period. 

2. Tender and swollen breasts: Having sensitive breasts can be a symptom of early pregnancy caused by hormones fluctuating within your body. 

3. Nausea with or without vomiting: This is a well-known pregnancy symptom, as pregnancy hormones cause nausea, also called “morning sickness.” You may be surprised that not every pregnant woman experiences morning sickness. 

4. Frequent urination: A woman’s blood volume increases during pregnancy, which causes extra work for the kidneys as they have more to filter, which leads to increased urination. 

5. Fatigue: During the first trimester, women tend to experience fatigue as a side effect of the growing pregnancy. The progesterone (a hormone that is elevated during pregnancy) level increasing might cause fatigue. Again, fatigue can be explained by other causes, like poor sleep.

6. Mood Swings: Mood swings could be due to all the pregnancy hormones. You may feel like you change from one emotion to another in a matter of minutes. This is very normal for someone pregnant. Another reason for mood swings could be your period starting, so confirm your pregnancy to be sure.

7. Bloating: Your hormones could be responsible for this full-feeling symptom. Like other pregnancy symptoms, bloating should not determine pregnancy since other causes can also explain it. Bloating may also be due to your period beginning.  

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